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Fairtrade Fortnight 2019 The theme this year is '#She Deserves' - a living income for fairtrade workers especially women growing cocoa for chocolate. We are also participating in activities to achieve the Fairtrade Schools Award: Fair Aware Award.


A big Thank you from all the Eco committee for all donations made to our foodbank collection - as always we were overwhelmed by the generosity of all our Beatlie friends. We collected 86.5kg worth of food which they calculated would be aproximately 206 meals for a lot of appreciative families at this time of [...]


Hello from Pentland Last term was very busy. We were doing lots of walking, exercises and activities outside. This term we're continuing our daily walks and we're out for playtime every day too. We recently joined a local tree planting group in the park. It was quite a long walk there and back. We had [...]


Article 32 (child labour) Governments must protect children from economic exploitation and work that is dangerous or might harm their health, development or education. Governments must set a minimum age for children to work and ensure that work conditions are safe and appropriate. Due to the success we had last session, we are continuing our [...]


Today we're off to the kitchen to look at food packaging. Here's a snapshot of the scale of the issue: Although UK supermarkets keep their plastic footprint secret with a confidentiality agreement, the Guardian believe that consumers are bringing home more than 800,000 tonnes of plastic packaging waste every year. Across the world, our addiction [...]


This week we have pledged to do our best to highlight Zero Waste Week. Within school we are carrying out a Waste Audit to remind us what and how we can recycle and to also see what we are throwing away which should make us all think about what we are throwing away and what [...]

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