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Senior Phase

Once pupils enter S4 they begin their Senior Phase which aims to:

1. Provide opportunities to continue to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work with continued focus on, literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing.
Skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work will be provided through a range of partnership work both in and out of school as well as programmes within the class.
Partners include: A range of bespoke community based activities/groups/experiences, Therapists, Nurses, Other Schools, Adult Day Centres.

2. Provide opportunities to build on previous ASDAN qualifications through Towards Independence Modules chosen by pupils and their families. Also opportunities to gain any relevant SQA units. Robust transition arrangements ensure that the ASDAN Modules and SQA Units chosen on entering Senior Phase are based on individual learner's strengths and interests, supported by parents and staff.  

3. Support in moving into positive and sustained destinations beyond school through close links with adult services. This process will begin with a Person Centred Planning meeting at the point where the pupil enters S4.

4. Recognise achievement in relation to the 4 capacities.
The 4 capacities will be built into teachers planning so that for each activity, the pupils will be working towards being more confident, successful, responsible and contributing effectively. Achievement in relation to these different areas will be celebrated at assemblies and in class with awards and certificates.

5. Give personal support in order to allow pupils to take advantage of opportunities to learn in the community as well as to carry out relevant work experience.


Please see attached presentation for more information:

Senior Phase (PDF) [131KB] (opens new window)

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