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Early Learning and Childcare

Nursery Information

Nursery Sessions

Nursery hours are as follow:

8.50am - 3.30pm Monday - Thursday and 8.50am - 12.10pm Friday

Please speak to staff about your child's individual needs for their school day.

If you wish to collect your child during nursery hours please let us know in advance as we do go on local visits to the library, café, etc.


Home-school Diary

At Beatlie we use Learning Journals as a way of sharing with you what your child has been doing.  Please use this to let us know of planned absences/holidays, medical problems, exciting events etc. If you would like to keep us up to date with what your child is up to at home then please do - it is helpful for staff to be able to chat to pupils about their home life, pets, siblings etc.  We normally check for messages at the start of each day and then again at the end of the day when we fill it in to send to you. Please take the time to read this diary as it is our means of communicating with you about your child's successes and challenges and any incidents such as bumps and scrapes during the day or forthcoming events. It will be unusual for the diary not to be completed but if this is the case then please bear in mind that it will be because staff have been too busy working with the children to do so or there may have been exceptional circumstances, e.g. the class teacher being called out to a meeting.


School Bag

Please send a small bag to nursery each day. It should contain the following items:

· Home-school diary

· PECs book (if required)


Personal Care

If required please send in a supply of nappies and wipes, sudocream, etc... We will keep this in class and let you know when we are running out. Please send a full change of clothes for us to keep in class and replace this if we use it.



Beatlie School has an optional uniform of red sweater, polo shirt, t-shirt etc. Contact reception for details. However all that is required is clothes that are comfortable, clean and practical for nursery activities. We do lots of messy play and frequently go outdoors so please bear this in mind when dressing your child. If your child is toilet training please provide additional spare pants, trousers and socks. Also, please ensure that your child has appropriate outdoor clothes as we go out in all weathers.



A small healthy snack is offered each day as well as special event snacks, e.g. Burns Supper, Chinese New Year, Pirates Party, etc.


Contacting the Nursery

Beatlie School's reception phone number is 01506 777598. Ask to be put through to specific Nursery. Please bear in mind the nursery hours; although we are happy for you to call us it is ideal if you do so when the staff team are not busy with pupils, particularly if it is not a quick query.