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Supporting Communication

We use a number of strategies to support our pupil's understanding as well as their expressive communication. For more information about these, please view our Inclusive Communication policy.


Signalong is a key word sign supported communication system developed for children and adults with learning disabilities.  By signing keywords only it helps learners to process language and keep messages simple and short.  At Beatlie School we have a key vocabulary of 12 Signalong signs used by all staff across the day.    As well as these core signs, we use many others as appropriate for individual pupils.  

Song Signifiers

In Beatlie we use Song Signifiers to support pupils' understanding of daily routines and activities. These can be listended to in the following SWAY presentation.  


TaSSeLs in Beatlie 

(Tactile Learning for Sensory Learners)

On body signing is really important for our pupils it can help:

  • To support with development of familiar routines and activities
  • To encourage the understanding of language
  • Bring the adult close to the pupil
  • Make adults language slower, simpler and clearer
  • Compensate for visual aspects of non-verbal communication

Please see the SWAY presentation for more information: